Solar Electric (PV)

Commercial solar electric (PV) systems have increased over the past few years as many people begin to realize the benefits that they can offer to businesses and building owners. Beyond simply saving money on utility bills, many companies are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and connect with customers who prefer to work with businesses that are more earth-friendly. Unfortunately some businesses or building owners have not taken the time to look beyond the upfront costs of solar installations to identify the long-term value these systems can provide.


Utilizing Available Space

Many commercial buildings have an abundance of available roof space that can be developed for solar use, especially when compared with residential buildings. If you have a commercial facility that has a large roof area, chances are it is not being used for much, and most of it is open and available. The sheer size of a commercial roof ensures that you can handle a large solar system that will reduce operating costs by lowering utility bills.

Realizing the Return on Investment

When you invest in the upfront costs of solar energy, it’s is often with the idea that you will get a long-term return on that investment in the form of lower energy bills. This is especially beneficial for building owners, because the long-term value of your building increases by adding solar to your facility. In addition, most businesses stay in the same building for a very long period of time (many years, or even decades), which gives you a longer amount of time to realize all the savings and benefits of this type of system.

Lower Costs, More Revenue

Many businesses struggle with high monthly bills for energy and utilities, and have to deal with uncertainty every year as costs fluctuate according to national energy prices and seasonal changes. In fact, the average company sees about a 5% increase each year for utility costs. With solar energy, you can hedge against volatility in energy markets, seasonal fluctuations, and rising annual costs by creating your own power through the constantly available energy from the sun. This can help stabilize your utility costs—moving them into the “fixed costs” category—and have a significant impact on the bottom line.

If you have a large facility with significant space available to install solar panels, you may even be able to produce more energy than your facility uses, giving you the opportunity to sell your excess solar energy for an added revenue source.

Increased Property Value

The addition of a quality PV system can also increase the value of your property, whether your company owns its own building, or you are a building owner that leases office space. If you plan to sell your building, or if you are a landlord that rents space to other companies, the value of having a solar system can present a significant advantage. The economic efficiency of a building with solar power can help you sell when it’s time to upgrade to a new facility, or can help you reduce vacancy rates by leasing to more businesses.

How it Works

When you get a solar system, we install a series of solar panels on the roof of your building, which convert sunlight into electricity. The power goes through an inverter and into an electrical panel, providing a continuous supply of power. If the solar panels do not provide enough power for your building’s needs, the building remains connected to the local power grid for the necessary supplemental energy.

A 100 kW PV system can significantly reduce environmental impact, saving as much as 15,312 barrels of oil, 2,191 acres of forests, and 2,630 tons of carbon dioxide. In addition, it can provide as much as 25 years or more of free electricity, and we even offer a 25-year system performance guarantee.

If you’re not sure whether your business is in a grid-saturated area, call us today to discuss your options and determine whether solar savings will benefit you. When your business is ready to take the next step and reduce operating costs, stabilize monthly energy bills, and increase cash flow, contact Bonterra Solar for your free consultation.